Ep. 9: Your chocolate is probably African

Although cacao’s birthplace is in South America in Ecuador and Peru, 70 percent of cacao comes from West Africa. We’ll explore the history and politics of chocolate and meet the farmers who make it all happen.

Guests include:
Rick Scobey, executive director of the World Cocoa Foundation, who explains the kinds of cocoa grown in West Africa and the CocoaAction initiative.

Simran Bindra, director of Tanzanian cocoa supplier Kokoa Kamili, on what happens when a country known for commodity cacao starts to grow more specialized varieties. (Episode image and slideshow images courtesy of Kokoa Kamili.)

Órla Ryan, author of Chocolate Nations: Living and Dying in West Africa and journalist at the Financial Times, on the history of cocoa cultivation in West Africa.

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Watch this TEDx talk by Steve Wallace titled “Creating Value in Africa” and take a look at images of cocoa processing and transportation in Tanzania by Kokoa Kamili below.

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