Makers Series

There are so many incredible makers who are part of the emerging craft chocolate movement and bigger markets, we decided to create a series highlighting them. Our Makers Series will introduce you to chocolate makers from all over the world, crafting chocolate at origin and abroad. Join us for interactive chocolate tastings guided by each maker, and hear the stories of origins and inspiration from the very people who created the chocolate. If you are new to tasting, take a look at Simran’s tasting guide from her book Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love

Visit the episode pages below for details on discounts offered by each maker on their websites. You can also purchase an exclusive bar bundle, including all nine bars featured in the Makers Series, at Chocolopolis (in the U.S.; use code “slowmelt” for a 15% discount), and find most of the bars in a subscription box by Bean Bar You (in Australia).