We are honored The Slow Melt is the 2017 Editors’ Choice for best food podcast for the Saveur magazine awards. It was also featured on For Food’s Sake podcast, selected by audioBoom as a featured and popular podcast, recognized as one of six “Tasteful podcasts about snacks” by CBC/Radio-Canada, and promoted by SDG2 Advocacy Hub and in AudioTeller’s “The best podcasts you should listen to this week.” Our website was featured on Discover. It has also been excerpted on the Bite and Racist Sandwich podcasts and featured on Milk Street Radio, NPR’s “Good Food” and Gastropod.


“THIS is the podcast I’ve always been waiting for.”
– Bryan Graham, Founder and Chocolate Maker, Fruition Chocolate, Woodstock, USA

“Craft chocolate is both new and growing fast, and this often ends up with chaos and misinformation. The Slow Melt has been an amazing resource for chocolate makers, cacao producers and chocolate consumers worldwide to grow a thoughtful, fair and balanced understanding of craft chocolate.”
– Greg D’Alesandre, Chocolate Sourcerer, Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco, USA

The Slow Melt is lunch for your ears and mind. Simran and team break through the surface of the chocolate world to reveal intimate layers of the people, places and sensory discovery adventures belonging to this microcosmos. Answers to questions from experts give rise to more questions that will ultimately shape the future of cacao.”
– Cynthia Leung, Co-founder and Chocolate Maker, SOMA Chocolatemaker, Toronto, Canada

The Slow Melt is an exceptional podcast. It is surely going to be a key podcast listened to by decision makers throughout the chocolate and food industries and by foodies worldwide.”
– Art Pollard, Founder and Chocolate Maker, Amano Chocolate, Orem, USA

The Slow Melt is a unique voice in chocolate that reaches across many different groups of both consumers and industry people alike.”
– Aubrey Lindley, Owner, Cacao, Portland, USA

The Slow Melt provides an extraordinary, well-researched and engaging resource to help my students (and anybody else as well) understand the complexities associated with the chocolate industry and highlight the important questions being asked by farmers, makers and consumers without being too overly technical. I’m most impressed by the suite of chocolate rock stars featured in the podcasts and breadth of topics covered. The Slow Melt leaves a lingering taste for more information on chocolate and I, for one, look forward to more samples.”
– Dr. Romi Burks, Professor, Southwestern University, Georgetown, USA

“For gastronomes, chefs, environmentalists, journalists and lovers of chocolate, The Slow Melt podcast dives into the dimensions of food production, politics and pleasure like no other. Deeply evocative, well-researched and rich, one can practically taste Sethi’s research and passion for chocolate in each episode. The Slow Melt uncovers the world of chocolate making, chocolate eating, and the politics behind every morsel.”
– Jessica Mudry, Lecturer, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

“This podcast aptly bridges the gap between science and the art of chocolate making by allowing both perspectives to be heard. It also provides insights into conservation and the social and ethical aspects of cocoa production and chocolate making (… even the not-so-pretty stuff). Overall, however, it makes for some seriously delicious listening; unique, interesting and informative. I usually cannot wait to find out which location the next episode will take me to and what perspectives will be shared.”
– Naailah A. Ali, Research Scientist, Cocoa Research Centre, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago