Ep. 7: The Craft of Chocolate

The specialty chocolate industry has grown exponentially but is still in the process of defining itself. We will explore this evolving industry and some of the leaders who are helping shape it. To read a transcript of Simran’s interviews with the six experts below, click here.

Guests include:
Clay Gordon, author of Discover Chocolate, and creator and moderator of TheChocolateLife.com.
Karen Bryant, executive director of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.
Greg D’Alesandre, chocolate sourcerer at Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, CA.
Sunita de Tourreil, founder of The Chocolate Garage.
Carla Martin, founder and executive director of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute.
Art Pollard, founder and head chocolate maker at Amano Artisan Chocolate in Orem, UT.

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Check out “What is Craft Chocolate?” in The Washington Post and Kristy Leissle’s research on the use of the term “artisan” in chocolate. Also, watch this glimpse of Setting the Bar: A Craft Chocolate Origin Story below. The film follows a group of craft chocolate makers as they venture into the Peruvian jungle to strengthen direct relationships with farmer communities and identify new kinds of cacao to bring to market.